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Chimney repairs

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of products for chimney repairs and one of Northern Europe's largest manufacturers of stainless steel, flexible flue liners.

In our production for repair accessories we manufacture a wide range of standard accessories which we keep in stock, but also a significant proportion of customized components. We are known for fast deliveries as well as professional service regarding special accessories; these areas are very valuable to both the contractor as well as the final consumer.

A chimney is exposed to great external and internal hardship. Moisture and cold can cut down hard on the outer brickwork, but it is the inside that is exposed to the most extreme impact. Severe fluctuations in temperature, the effect of soot and tar, condensation, mechanical wear when sweeping, etc. Obviously a chimney is built to withstand considerable strain, but incorrect burning and bad maintenance can greatly shorten the life and in the worst cases pose a fire hazard.


When damage has occurred, there are alternative methods for recovering a secure and safe operation. Repair by glidecasting of the flue, when you cover the inside with a layer of ceramic sealing compound, or installation of stainless steel flue liner which will create a brand new flue. The choice of method may depend on the nature of the damage as well as the scope, type of fireplace etc.

Flue liners

We supply a wide assortment of both double- and single wall systems for the renovation of smoke- and ventilation channels.


Leaky flues can be fixed by adding a ceramic sealing compound to the flue walls.

Equipment for chimney repairs

An assortment of equipment and aids for chimney repairs.