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We offer modern, certified chimney systems for most purposes, from villas to industial installations.

A true custom chimney solution is a condition for an effective and safe heating regardless the type of firebox. Hence, the chimney is one of the most important parts om a building.


In the choice of chimney you need to consider the following; type of firebox, fuel, chimney length, channel dimensions etc. There are also different conditions that applies if fired by wood, pellets, grain etc.


Our experience and competence is at your disposal, together we shall find the optimal solution with respect to both safety and performance.

Prefabricated steel systems

Great flexibility and simple assembly. With our prefabricated, stainless steel chimney system for in - or outside assembly.

Ceramic chimney systems

A safe choice in tough
The ceramic pipes suits
all types of fuels,
conventional as well
as new biogenic fuels. 

Industrial installations
  We have solutions
for a wide range of
industrial constructions.