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Draught regulation

In many homes with a stove or open fire there can arise problems when the fire is about to be lightend. What should have been a cozy fire turns out to be an irritation with problems such as lighting the fire, smoke, soot on the glasdoor or the fire dying out.


Problems with lighting the fire can be caused by wrong or bad fuel but the most common cause is bad draught in the chimney.

Draught fans
  A chimney fan does not only add to optimal draught in the chimney and therefore a smoke free environment, it also gives less dust and soot on the walls.
Chimney cowls
  Helps to keep the flues free from moisture and and also from stationary air when the chimney is'nt in use.
Draught stabilisers
  The draught stabiliser make sure that the draught is fixed over the whole firing season and therefore secures an optimal burning.